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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Changing more than a Lightbulb

Yes, the BoomMummy is still here.  I've lived through the BoomDaddy leaving the guild (on good terms - well done to him!).  He hasn't murdered me, and nor have I disappeared completely into one of my many other incarnations.  What has happened is that real life building work on my house has messed things up rather a lot.  I still have no bathroom, and now wash myself before work while standing in a bucket by a sink downstairs.  I also now have no kitchen (the previous one annoyed me too much...).  Me and my partner now live in one room of the house - the only one we can fit into that doesn't have packing boxes or builders in it.  The good news is that give or take a couple of weeks, we should be able to start living properly again.  And yes, we do have new lighting everywhere!  It looks gorgeous!  So, anyone is more than welcome to pop round and play with my lightbulbs whenever they want!

Boomdaddy came round for a drinking visit before we started all this work, and we had a great time.  Boomkins should always stick together after all :)  He'll be round again once I can find more than one drinking glass.

Anyway, in honor of a time when I had slightly more hours to play games (and hopefully will do again soon) here is an early Friday Mage Joke.  I know you've missed them - I can just feel it in my water.  Enjoy! XXX

An angry moonkin was walking down the middle of the street, bobbing her head saying "88, 88, 88, 88."

Sally Fireball, our favourite mage from previous jokes, saw her and asked her why she did it.  The angry moonkin replied 'I do it because it's fun!' and continued walking, shouting back 'You should try it!'

So, the angry moonkin and Sally Fireball both walked along the middle of the road, saying "88, 88, 88, 88."

All of a sudden a huge truck came hurtling along the road at great speed and the angry moonkin jumped out of the way.

The angry moonkin paused, ignored the crushing, splattering sound, then continued her journey, saying "89, 89, 89..."

Ooh, that one was mean!  Lots of love, Boommummy XXX

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