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Friday, 22 May 2009

VOA- the duck is broken

Not sure how "broke my duck" translates in the many languages of the blogosphere. I think its a cricket related term, meaning if you are out for no score you were out for a "duck". If you break your duck, it means you have finally scored. A bit like 6 months of getting turned down by hot females and then suddenly pulling a corker out of the blue.If you don't know what cricket is, then the analagy will be completely wasted on you.

Long and the short of it is, the Boomdaddy has been faithfully slogging it out in VOA week in week out since it was spawned from Blizzards bottom. We have never had a drop there. Nothing. Nada. Nitch. Fat fuck all. It's become a joke between me and myself. However, after last nights 25 man Naxx run (which I missed due to work) we did a run to VOA and what do you know? Yup, first new guild run and the T8 legs drop. Two droods in party, other one roles 51....Boomdaddy trembles like a shitting grey hound......71 boooyah. Gimme gimme gimme.....happy dance....flying feathers!

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