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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Old and New

Apologies if the last post was slightly esoteric. The guild of which I was an officer had decided to make some changes in the guild structure and ethos. The GM felt that it was time the give the members the choice of raiding or social membership, something that I put forward as an idea a year or so ago. After the Ulduar-lull and the general couldn't care bear attitude of many so called raiders, it was a good move and has galvanised the raiding team somewhat.It was good by fluffy raiding and hello serious raiding, hence the music clips.

Unfortunately, I had to bite my lip as many of the people who let us down in the lull were rushing to sign up as raider members and denied the fact that they play like socials. The frustration of having to go back to Naxx to gear up the players that had stopped raiding Naxx while waiting for Ulduar, was becoming intolerable to me. It is not easy to miss the irony of not being able to do Ulduar because so many were under geared as they had stopped raiding Naxx WHILST WAITING FOR ULDUAR!!!

So, the guild was probably lurching forward to a position where I would have been happier, in terms of the curve from social to hardcore raiding, but I was feeling increasing pissed off day by day. The new structure was to also bring in changes to the status of officers. Gone was the idea of elected officers,replaced by GM,deputy,recruitment and social member officer and a "raid council". While I was perfectly happy to see the streamlining of the officers (and step down), I had a troubling feeling about a whole new swathe of semi officers with their own chat channel. It felt like we were going back to the bad old days where we had around 15 or so officers.

As an officer, I did not have a clear role, as just like me, my GM is a control freak and likes to take the reigns on just about everything. I liked, and still like the GM alot, he is a great player and deep down a really nice guy, but it was coming to the point where all we did was argue and trade insults. That situation is not good for a guild and not good for anyone who is purporting to be playing a game. So I left, yup I simply downed tools and did the off. I perhaps should have made a farewell post on the forums but i honestly believe that it was just better to disappear. If people stand and look at a leaving post by an officer too long, they start to waiver and that is not good for a guild that I really do love to bits.

So what now? Well i took a week away to think what I wanted. I put a baby alt into a ultra social guild that I had been a part of in a previous lfe before raiding. I then looked at what to do with the Boomdaddy. Through friends and aquaintances I was asked to apply to 3 of the top 10 raiding guilds on my server. 2 were purely hardcore and one was a very progressive hardcore guild with a strong social side. I have been Booming alot recently with my lady friend and I wanted to be in a guild where I could raid seriously but that would also be perfect for the other half also. Due to work, she cannot raid as often as she would like.
So we decided upon the progressive guild with the strong social side, unfortunately their raid roster is full so I had to make a social application too. They know, I think, that my social membership to them is a marriage of convenience and some have tacitly implied that I should be raiding full time as soon as a place appears. In the meantime I am doing social guild runs into Naxx and Ulduar and a bit of ad hoc raiding with one of the 2 hardcore guilds I mentioned earlier. General Vezax was a complete blast last night, I must say.

So, thats the state of play with the Boomdaddy. Hopefully there will be plenty to talk about again soon.

Boom love.


  1. Sorry you had to leave your guild; guild drama is one of those things that seems interesting until it happens to you. :-(

    Glad you've found a new home and some fun raiding. Anytime raiding becomes a chore, like in your "gearing up because half the raiding group slacked" Naxx runs, then it's time to reevaluate your position.

    I haven't done 10-man Ulduar yet (finally got in an offnight group tomorrow!), and we haven't quite reached Vezax in 25-man, but it looks like a really fun fight. We've got Sunday & Monday to get Mimiron down and move on, though; so hopefully soon!

    Did you cast only while in crashes? Seemed like that was the popular consensus on EJ but I haven't seen it in practice yet.

    Good to have you back in the blogosphere! :-)

  2. Yes we only cast in the crashes, after a few fights (as i was a noob) it really did seem the way to go....keeping the tanks alive seemed to be as much as much of a headache for healers as mana for casters. Alround a horrible but wonderfull fight.