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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Raiding at last

Its been a very boring 2 weeks for the Boomdaddy, running Naxx, VoA, EoE etc at weekends and such with guildies. The older content is starting to make my owl-eyes bleed. The process though, needs to be gone through. Why? Well,I have to show that my dps is good enough for a full raider spot. No one has said that these runs are all a little trial but it doesn't take a genius to work out that being top dps on Naxx 25 etc has helped my cause in getting a regular spot.

Hodir and Freya were on the menu last night. I wasn't picked for the raid but after a successful voodoo ceremony involving a virgin chicken, I got drafted in half way through. It was only the second time I had seen Hodir, so was nice to get him down first shot. More importantly i did beat a couple of the front liners in dps, yay for the Boomdaddy. Most importantly I did not die so was saved the indignity of looking like a noobling.

Seeing Freya for the first time was full of win. New content simply breathes life back into these bones. Ok we only had time for two quick attempts at her which ended in wipes but it was still awe inspiring. The location and landscape were a fabulous contrast to the rest of the towering structures of Ulduar.

BUT. There is always a but. I did not feel the same rush of excitement seeing these bosses as I had felt in TBC, seeing Hydross and Lurker for the first time. I do not know if this is because I do not feel part of this raid team yet, or whether I have changed, or whether Blizzard has messed with the game so much and dumbed it down, that I don't feel the right to feel proud or excited anymore. Maybe because things have become so accessible there is no thought or feeling of being special by completing this content. It is not the case now that only decent players got past Lurker and dreamed of seeing Black Temple. Its now a given, that it may take 3-4 months longer than the top raid guilds too see all content.....but you will get to see it. Good players and scrubs alike.

That makes me sad. The drive to clear SSC was partly to be one of the few who enjoyed the hospitality of BT. It was about new, challenging content that was a gear and skill check...but it was also about prestige.My old guild was ranked around 16-18th on the server when the nerf bat patch hit end game content in TBC and we were only 2-3 bosses into SSC. I think that tells a story when compared to guild progress now. I want to Cheer again when a boss goes down, not simply tick him off an achievement list. Am i wrong?


  1. I think you are right that somehow something changed since TBC... I still remember SSC and TK and, despite my raid screwing up more than we should have, I loved it.
    Ulduar, or all the raids in Wrath, are kinda easy... if you have decent geared and playing people in your raid it is a matter or hours, maybe up to two-three raid evenings, to down a new boss. Compared to weeks/months of trying to kill Lady Vashj back in SSC, that is just kinda boring I think...

  2. It used to thrill us when we got a boss down within the first month of trying him; now we're frustrated if it's not down in a couple of days.

    Some of the epic-ness is lost.

    Still wouldn't trade raiding, though. :-D

  3. I agree that I would not trade raiding for anything, for me now it is the only real draw of the game, alongside the social interaction with friends.

    It just feels abit like a chinese meal at the moment. Initially satisfying but feel hungry an hour later.