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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Funny old day

Had a go at Warhammer...not truly impressed. It's clunky. Nice ,though ,that they stole most of the movement/fighting/casting dynamics from WoW to make the playing transition easier.

Raiding guild has disintegrated apparently, the officers and a few raiders left in the past week. Today was an Old Testament exodus by the looks of it. Guild has called a halt to 25 man raiding.

Its an interesting dynamic to me how fast a successful raiding guild can implode. Server 5th/7th/9th, couple of bad weeks and they do a Deathnugget explode corpse routine.

I guess one thing is always true in raiding guilds. It is easy to put up with hand shandy merchants when you are all progressing. When progression stops, everyone suddenly realises there is nothing left to make them put up with the twats they have been playing with. Most of the raiding guilds I would have a look at have already been applied to by the twats, so the Boomdaddy is unsure what to do. My one real friend in the guild left today also, so there are no ties at all there now. With no 25 man raiding on the agenda for the foreseeable future, what is a Boomkin to do?

Do we swallow the bitter pill of Blizz's obsequious pampering of scrubs and come back to WoW? Do we apply to a top raiding guild? Do we go back home to the old lovelies? Or just call it a day and jog on.

Its trickier than the thorny issue of why Horde boomkins do not have antlers.....they are presumably the females and alliance are males.....that's just too much for me. I can't shag a moo cow.

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  1. there are many things I could say .
    I ain't saying any of them
    except to say perhaps the question is not what a boomkin is to do , but what a stephen is to do ......... because there is a diffrence between a "top raiding guide " full of hand shandy merchants and raiding with people you care about . which I think is the diffrence between " oh we killed the boss " and " Get the *%(^ in we got the £%£%£&$" at last "
    The first lot clear uldar quicker , the second lot clear it with a smile on there faces and a beer in there hands .
    theres may be a month or two between clearances , it may take a little more work , and it all might seem like a real nut kruncher when things ain't going well , but give me the people you care about over a bunch of random people you happen to raid with any day of the week :)

    I am sorry your raidng guide colapsed .. I feel for you , because your a mate

    so I have amny thinsg I could say but I won't ..

    yer right like that even happened