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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Guest Post 1

Many moons ago I asked my dearly beloved, and somewhat vociferous, guild/raid leader to contribute to this fledgling blog. What I wanted was an objective raid leaders view of what we are and more importantly what we sometimes do wrong (or right). I mean we know we are the best , right? Whats the harm in a bit of confirmation? Many thanks to Maz for his input and the time taken to write our first guest post. Hold on to your feathers and "enjoy"!!

Bloody irritating boomkins !!!!!

Boomkins form a Raid leaders prospective

The Boom Daddy asked me to write this a while back , in his grand scheme to create not only a vaguely readable blog about boomkins , but to have it be a resource for the boomkin community nest . At least that’s how he explained it to me. He seems to think boomkins will find this useful , I wasn’t aware most boomkins could read , but hey he asked nicely .

What do boomkins bring to the raid ?
A good question , well lets see , a funky dance , something approaching dps , a useful in fight raid buff , a battle rez , immunity to polymorph ( sometimes not that much of a benefit ). Off healing ( and more about that in a minute ) , raid buff , and semi viable crowd control , a slightly more viable crowd control for beast mobs , an emergency mana pool ,,, and ,,,, erm ,,,, okay that's about it . but that’s quite a lot

Whats all that mean ?
Arh yes , what does all that mean , it means a boomkin is a utility , a very versatile one that aside something approaching dps has other benefits it brings to a raid . BUT here is the bit that frustrates the hell out of a raid leader , all that is all well and good if it is used the right way , and a waste of time and effort if it isn’t . Utility doesn’t mean utensil , don’t be a spoon . So lets move on to ……



The biggest single sin of the boomkin , ( and one that can be thrown at that other ultra versatile dps class the elemental shaman ) Healing.
Boomkins , and sharman alike have the terrible propensity to off heal in a fight .
Now sometimes that’s a good thing , and some times it isn’t , and knowing which is which is the real black magic of the raiding boomkin , and the bit so many get wrong so often. And you watch them slide down the dps chart and the boss hit enrage because the boomkin just did not trust the healers to do their job enough . They pop out of boom to put a heal on themselves , or on the tank , or a aoe heal on the raid , rather than just trust the healers to be on top of their job . Did the healers stop healing and dps half way through the fight for ten seconds , eating their mana pool , nope . So why does the boomkin ? Trust in the healers to do their job .. and you do yours .

I looked at some raid stats from a fight with ignis last night on heroic uldar ,, and bottom of the DPS was an elemental sharman ( not mine I may add , catch me healing when not required on a cold day in hell ) who’s dps was 400 down on normal ,, what could account for this ,, well I am only guessing but the since he spent 80% of the time casting dps spells and 20% of the time chain healing on himself .
This is a fight where we had six healer’s, who are completely on top of the fight , we don’t lose a single man it the kill.
That sharman has ”Boom disease” throwing about heals because he thinks it’s the right thing , or that its needed , or “just to help out the healers “ the equivalent of saying “yay look at me I’m participating “ As a sharman player I feel the need to take that young sharman on one side and slap him till he sees sence ,, as I do with every boomkin in the world .
The healers are on top , the raid leader has not said “ help off heal a little during phase X , Y , Z .. then don’t heal , even if your down to 5% health , don’t heal , let the healers do there job , pop a health stone if you have to , but keep on with the wrath and feathers . The raid leader will tell you in advance if your going to do any off healing , if he doesn’t, don’t unless mid fight he asks you to do it because a healer died ,, literally just do what your good at and DPS . Utility doesn’t mean utensil , don’t be a spoon


The wasting of battle resses , a minor seeming sin ,, “ hell the rogue died , I’ll pop a rez on him ..” and a minute later the tank dies ,, and the off tank picks up the mob , but the off tank has to off tank the add mob in 30 seconds and we need the tank back up and …..

Raid leader says ” you rezed the rogue ,, that one , that misbegotten piece of filth that has the dps of a wet haddock , the guy lowest down the dps chart every raid because he’s basically a waste of space and we bring him to fill out the raid and you rezzed him ????? that one who died a minute later by not running out of the AOE blast again , in exactly the same way he died the first time , and you wasted your battle rez on him ?????????”

The raid leader will , we’ll I always will , call for whom he want’s rezing , and by whom , And more than once it will be rezing a healer over a dps , or a tank over a healer ,, or that other boomkin so he can then rez the tree who can then rez the hunter who’s top end dps , and leave the rogue alone . Utility doesn’t mean utensil , don’t be a spoon .


The waste of innovate , now this is an odd one ,, about 5 months ago , I asked a boomkin when he was flat out of mana three quarters of the way through every boss fight ,, and he said “ I innovated the dis priest because she whispered me and asked for the innovate . “
Fair enough says I , well what was the problem in the next fight ,, “ I innovated the dis priest because she whispered me and asked for the innovate .”
And the next “ I innovated the dis priest because she whispered me and asked for the innovate .I think she has it on macro “
Right ,, how long have you be doing this , “ oh every raid for the last six months “
Raid leaders head hits table

Here's the thing ,, innovate is lovely ,, it’s a great get out of jail toy , particularly if a healer cops it early in a fight and gets soul stoned up or battle rezed and is on low mana , hell hit innovate , help out the team in a big way and lets party on .. but every raid , same priest , every fight ? then the priest has a problem with mana and needs to solve it , you need your innovate for yourself or the emergency ..

Perhaps you should mention this to the raid leader , because he would sooner have your innovate around for get out of jail refresh the mana of the MT healer , rather than matter of course oh the dis priest needs an innovate again …. Utility doesn’t mean utensil , don’t be a spoon .

SIN 4 ,

Boomrage ,, the propensity to over agro with the massive aoe ,, learn to use it approximately see reference every fucking dps class in the world ever . Utility doesn’t mean utensil , don’t be a spoon .


Strut the funky chicken .. learn to move when you have to and where you have to and listen when a raid leader gives out instructions and take the time to read up on a boss you know is coming up , see reference every fucking dps class in the world ever . Utility doesn’t mean utensil , don’t be a spoon


Tidal wave (typhoon) . oh look I can knock back the mob ,, ,,,,,,,,
The tank will hate you , it’s a great spell use it at the right time , don’t use it just because its there see reference every fucking dps class in the world ever . Utility doesn’t mean utensil , don’t be a spoon


“I’m a boomkin , I’m Special “ your not , your just another dps option , if you want to be first on the pick list for a raid don’t rely on being a boomkin to get you in , put it all together and be a fucking great boomkin . and remember the most important lesson

Utility doesn’t mean utensil , don’t be a spoon

Note to all SINs 4 to 7 are universal to all dps classes , but if you don’t get them right sins 1 to 3 won’t matter a jot because you will not be on the raid in the first place

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  1. Lovely post Mr Maz!

    I almost didn't recognise myself in Sin No. 1.... NOT!!

    I am the worst person for healing, but it has got the guild through many tight spots on more than one occasion. I don't know anyone else - shammies or boomkins - who actually do this - so I assume this sin is all down to me (Boomdaddy doesn't even know where the heal buttons are, and all the shammies just want to press the magic lightening button lots and lots). Anyway, = How marvellous! I get a sin all to myself!

    Well, I want to know whether any other moonkin are as guilty as I am? Or do you all sit there and laugh as your raid members die, when a quick tranquility would save the day?

    BoomMummy XXX