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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Funny Old Month more like it!

Boomdaddy has had it bad.  But I'm still without a kitchen or bathroom.. this has not progressed much since early may, so he should stop moaning!

Me and the other half now have many things sorted out in the house (thanks to a lovely builder who knocked down walls, replastered, and a lovely electrician, who put things where they should be).  What has caused problems is the plumber...  nearly 4 weeks worth of problems now.  At least we have a bath...  nothing else plumbed in though.    But the good news is that I have managed to install the kitchen - including the worktop.  God I feel so butch.  Powertools are my friend So watch out!

My thoughts on patch 3.2: the game has to progress and take the lower players with it eventually, and for that I'm happy with it.  Make the higher level stuff available to all, once it's been done to death by the devoted few! (otherwise what's the point in writing the storylines?  Only 2% of the players will ever understand the conclusion - that's an awful lot of unfulfilled, confused people.  Very bad business practice and completely crap artistic practice).

I for one am not willing to spend 20-30 hours of my week, for 4-5 weeks trying to get a single boss down like the old days.  That to me is pointless and silly.  Big grats to all those people who want the first kill, but I'm not one of those.  I'll try extremely hard to be a good player, but I always remember it's a game I enjoy playing in my spare time.  I play it with people I like, and have a good time.  What more do I want?

Lots of love,



  1. pffft you have turned into a soft, social casual, you big tart!

    glad your house is getting there! Can't wait for the housewarming/cocktail party!

  2. present in your mail box Mr boomdaddy , as requested a while ago