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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Boomdaddy Busy with Boombaby

Been a tad busy with helping a guildie level her Boombaby, chilling and actually enjoying the game for a bit. Its an investment as we are planning a podcast and she will be featured, telling her story from 70-80..... BoomMummy will also be on the podcast but she's not happy about it. Shes an internationally famous musical person but a bit shy.May take some encouragement.

Ulduar has come, thank god. Its hard..harder than a guy in a mac, standing on street corners, playing with mustard. Dirty mac, with dirty bits of onions where they should not be. We wiped on trash and we have never been so pleased. It has made the guild re-assess what we are and what we are doing. It is also seperating the wheat from the chaff.

We went back to Naxx 25 tonight, for a breather...and also to gear up some guildies. It is ironic that we are doing that now, when they could not be arsed to bother to sign up in the Ulduar-lul.
If they had all stuck around and raided in the lull, we would have been ready for Ulduar, they could not be bothered though, so we have to go back and pick up the pieces. The Boomdaddy was second overall in damage, but we did not run WWS so we dont know the breakdown. 4413 overall. Pleased enough, jobs a good'en.

As a side note Boommummy had her birthday today, she still whooped the pure classes even though she was a bit squiffy.God bless her and a big "happy boomday" to her. We all wish many happy returns...she got the Dying Curse, so can't complain, the moaning cow.

Summary is that Blizz may have saved its arse for a bit, as Ulduar seems a good enough gear and skill check for now. How are you guys finding it? Any adjustments being made in the guild to cope with it?


  1. Basically I would have to change out nearly the whole guild to be able to do Ulduar with them >.<

  2. big changes coming for our guild.. maybe a post on it tomorow.