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Friday, 10 April 2009

Mage Joke

A Mage, Moonkin and Warlock were forced by a wicked witch to jump over a cliff, but their fairy godmother obtained a magical concession for them - whatever word they spoke before they jumped they would land in.
'Feathers' said the Moonkin, and he landed on a soft bed of feathers.
'Cushions' said the Warlock and he landed on a pile of nice cushions.
The Mage ran up to the cliff, tripped over, stubbed his toe, 'Shit!' he said...


  1. Well, that sure explains why it took me several washes to get that smell out of Ultra's robes...

  2. *snicker*

    I liked that one.

    Question: Why are moonkin like the Irish?

    Answer: They drink, and then they fight. Drink, fight, drink, fight, drink....

    Heh! Hope you're enjoying Ulduar. :)

  3. Thanks for the joke, Daez! I'm just about to log into 3.1 and wondering how much our mana regen has been nerfed.... so it may be 'drink, drink, fight, drink, drink, fight, drink, drink, innervate, fight' from now on!