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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

We love VoA

Tuesday night before the reset, so its only one thing, VoA... We smish smash the horde into little pieces of orc juice in WG and head on in to VoA. (we love the horde really, they have droods too). For the gazzilonth time, nothing dropped for the Boomdaddy, but we haz dps. We like making mages cry, we like the taste of their tears, its always better though when its a grand slam....only a hunter was missing to humiliate.

Shammy 2nd, Shadow Whoos 3rd, Lock 4th, Mage 5th, Deathnugget 6th....shame on you all. And shame on the Boomkin in 9th and need to read up on rotations you charlatans.


  1. "We like making mages cry, we like the taste of their tears..."

    Not nearly as much as Mages loves us some fried chicken. Yup, nothing better than taking a Noobkin that I just tore apart on the good ol' damage meters, slathering them up with some honeymustard, mayo and 11 herbs and spices and having a nommy nommy Cheekin sammich!!! Mmmmm nom nom nom... (No offense to my favorite Cheekin of them all, none other than the infamous Battlechicken, otherwise known as my fiance Ambermist). Keep making the jokes about Mages though, I'm sure it helps to get you through the hard times, otherwise known as raids.
    Nice blog, good to finally meet the people I've heard so much about from my lovely Battlechicken.

  2. Ahh greetings arcane asylum! I suppose you get a pass, as you have had the great forethought to snap up a lovely Moonkin to marry! Exceptions sometimes have to be made, so I guess you will be granted some honorary feathers or something! Gratz again to you two!

    On a serous note, how are you finding raids? Are you and fellow mages topping the charts? Its all locks, locks, locks on my turf.

  3. No, I'm sad to say that we do not top the charts most of the time. It's normally dominated by Hunters, Shamans, Fury Warriors and Shadow Priests. Our Mages almost always put in top ten performances on the meters and on certain encounters hit close to the top, but overall, we just can't get there. I hope things will change as Blizz continues to tweak and adjust going into 3.1, but it's hard to keep hope alive sometimes.

    As far as the honorary feather, the current headpiece that I wear looks bizarre anyway, so I would be glad to add the feather to it and complete my transition from mild-mannered mage to Crazy, Glowy-eyed Bucket Head Native American Caster Dude.