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Monday, 30 March 2009

Moonkin Moaning

BoomMummy is very sad that BRK is out of the scene for a little while - and yay, even some of my best friends are hunters - but my moan isn't about this.

Recently, out of boredom (and also having just leveled my fourth level 80.... whooops, how did that happen?) I decided to try some achievements.  Now, I love achievements like the next person - as long as that person isn't the Boomdaddy, who looks upon them as a sore excuse for game content.  But I don't care - I love em!

I just wish, to the bottom of my feathery heart, that all the damned rewards were not bloody drakes and obscure flying mounts that I'll never, ever, in my feathery dreams, end up using.  Druids have an epic flight form at the click of a button.  Why the hell do I want to wait a few seconds to do what I can do in an instant? 

Can we start a campaign for druid-worthy rewards?  Here are a few suggestions, to help out poor Blizzard who seem to have gotten into a bit of a rut with druid forms:

1) Purple feathers
2) Toucan-style beaks
3) Throbbing Antlers that moisten when excited
4) Smaller arses for lady boomkins

I can only hope my words are heeded....

Love, feathers, pointy bits and all that,

BoomMummy XXX

1 comment:

  1. Oh!! I am all for purple feathers and smaller arses.
    As for throbbing...don't know if I want Boomdaddy doing that during an instance.

    X's & O's
    Lil Boomkin baby