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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Link loveliness

Well, it has been super size sexy to be linked and talked about by lovely bloggers. Thank you chickens of the lazer and battle variety, your mentions have warmed the feathers of our heart.. We are not phae, we are not epic theory-crafters, we are simple boomkins who wish to add our little bit of boomness to the blogosphere. We hope that we add something to the booom-munity. We swear a bit, we bitch and whine, but we are lovely really, honestly we are.

We danced the boomkin dance today, because of the links bestowed on fed our innate bloggers need for some attention and recognition. But it reminded us about why we bothered to start Boomkin blogging.

We started blogging because it is good to talk. When a class can come together and talk about *stuff*, it will inevitably end in good things happening. Dialogue is what takes our class forward. Talking to the Boommummy has taken both our dps to greater hights. Reading other Moonkin blogs has led to us taking on new ideas.

The thing is, i want to learn and get better. I'm a awkward cuss that is always right, but often I'm not. Reading and taking on ideas from fellow Boomkin is the stuff of life. As Bob Hoskins said, its good to talk.


  1. Bob Hoskins also said 'it's good to bitch about mages', but I think that bit was cut out of the final edit. Such a shame!
    BoomMummy XXX

  2. It's always good to bitch about mages, and warlocks, and the other lesser classes :D

  3. poor things can't help it, they just never learned to play nice