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Monday, 23 March 2009

Sundays round up

Was feeling a tad hung over and couldn't care bear, yesterday.....hence did not do anything really productive, well, except respec back to 55-0-16. I know the Boommummy will cry foul but i just feel much more comfortable with that raiding spec. Gone are IFF and Improved thorns, ill miss the thorns but my I will not worry too much about the loss of IFF. We will however revisit the talent after the next patch, if it becomes a 5 min deal. Ill hold my wings up and say I was not good enough at keeping it in my rotation, and using GCD, to make it really work for me. Our main tank is a furball, so the raid will always benefit from his FF anyhow. Target dummy likes our change back, over an hour over dummy thumping in Ironforge, we came out with an average 3106 dps, which is 2-300 up on last weeks efforts.

We liked that. So the call went out for "lfm dps VOA HC" over the general channel. Only a few guildies online, so we went with the pug. Usually I don't pug, I mean i truly loathe pugging any shit. If I cant do it myself, I will go with friends or guildies but eating cat hair is preferable to pugging. But it's only Voa, how bad can it be. To be fair, it was not even remotely painfull and it struck me as a useful exercise. What i mean is, I spend all my raiding (and most playing time) with the same set of people...i know their limitations and where they excel...i know from the damage meters where roughly everyone should be and can see who is having a blinder or who is having a lousy day at the office. So it was refreshing to compare my dps and raid competency with 24 unknown raiders....people who I have seen around Dalaran, checked out their kit etc. The results made for a mildly smug Sunday dps was not earth shattering but sometimes we are an attention whore and like to see our name in lights.

Have a great Monday, Y'all.

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