The highest evolution of druid

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

No News Tuesday

.......yep no news.

It is Naxx 25 tonight, though, so we may have some news tomorow, if..

1-We get enough sign ups
2-We don't get drunk after being shafted by biggest customer and get arrested for being drunk in charge of a molotov cocktail
3- We remember to turn the damn combat log on

What we wish for tonight....

1- At least 3 wings down
2-4.5k on Patchwerk- any less and we call fail. Failing non fail, we demand his arm/leg/limb
3- Some new bracers from the Raz-man or at least gimme the damn idol
4-Maybe new boots from Loatheb
5- Some nice legs from thenoob'rekhan
6-Sweet tasting mage tears

Yes we need upgrades, our wardrobe is looking soooooo February.


  1. You were hoping some weren't you with that wish list

  2. Yep....

    All we got were the sweet tasteing mage tears.

    Better than nothing, I guess!