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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Patchwerk Revisited

Monday night and for the first time in a few weeks we had the numbers to complete a 2 night clean sweep of Naxx 25. Last night was just the Construct wing and the two Mr Bigs, it was also a night of god awful lag, never ever lagged so badly. Guessing every player and their dog where in Naxx before the weekly reset. A very mixed bad of results to be fair, 3rd on Grobbulus, 5Th on Gluth, a very special 2nd on KT and 5th (see above) on the Patchwerk. Patchwerk was especially pleasing as I added an extra 200dps over last attempt....may not have been the best, but I did my best. I did completely fuck up my rotation twice and ended up with Wrath eclipse which kept bouncing off the GCD, so there is definitely room for improvement. One month and we will break the 5k target , for sure.
Thadius, Thadius, Thadius though, that's a different story altogether. We had an absolute shocker (excuse the pun). Don't know if it was the lag, murderous guildies, suicidal me or simply a bad, bad day at the office...we sucked, we blew....we blucked. Apparently then, I now bluck on two bosses, Thaddy-poos and Heigan. We see a trend. If we have to move, we die. We dance like our Dad. Not good news with Ulduar around the corner.


  1. Yay for 2-night Naxx! We're only raiding 2 nights a week now until Ulduar--they say it's so we don't get bored; I think it's because two of them have wives who want them to sit out on Tuesdays to watch Lost. It also means that if we don't get 3D Sarth down on Monday night, we finish with 2D, and that's just disappointing.

    That's some hot dps, man; I am impressed!

  2. Hey Battlechick!

    Yes, it was sooo good to have a 2 night clear run on Naxx. It seems everyone is in this Ulduar malaize and cannot be arsed to raid anymore, maybe because of possible greener- gear -grass on the other side of Ulduar, maybe lack of real raid content.So having a good week , after struggling the last two, was a very nice raid tonic.

    You are still way above little old Boomdaddy in progression, we are still playing with 1D Sarth, not even done 2D yet.

    How are your figures looking on test dummies and Patch at the moment? When i see droods posting 6k, I cry little boomkin tears.

    Kick your guildies up the butt, 2 nights a week can't keep a growing Boomer raid fed!

    Ooh missed out on the Holy torch last night..cried myself to sleep, bloody GM got it...stabby stabby