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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

BoomMummy celebrates

Well, thank my feathers and antlers for that!  Exalted with the Sons of Hodir at last.  I really don't know why I put myself through so much suffering just for the tiny extra amount of spell damage and crit.  It's been pain all the way, doing the same dailies that everyone else is madly trying to farm at all hours of the day and night.  The alternative would be to spend a fortune on the AH - and what with the credit crunch and everything, that was a no go.  

Does Blizzard really think that all I deserve after this monumental boredom experiment is +24 Spell Power and +15 crit.  It's hardly very 'uber', now is it?  I think +50 Spell Power and +40 crit would much better reflect the nature of my pain and suffering.    What do the readers think?  Do people actually enjoy dailies?


  1. I personally see then a means to 2 ends. the rep you seek and the gold rewarded by them.
    Raiding is a fairly expensive pass-time and as a skinner /LW not much profit happening there.
    Do I enjoy the mindless repetion? It's enough to ruffle MY feathers ;)

  2. i would have to agree with the enchants being weak. 10 extra levels and the best shoudler enchant is barely better than what you could alredy get from scryer/aldork