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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Wednesday, After The Wishlist

As the commentator (many thanks for taking the time to comment) on yesterday's post pointed out, perhaps my wish list was a little ambitious. We barely scraped a 25 man team together, for the third week running and a few were either undergeared or inexperienced. That made for a scrappy night but hopefully it will help the guild in the long term. There seems to be a malaize similar to last summer, when raiding suddenly seemed too much effort for some. I guess it is Ulduar rearing its head and the anticipation of a whole new tier of gear. From my perspective though, we should be hitting Ulduar on day one kitted out in best in slot, not simply 4 pieces of T7 and some fill ins. We are a "casual raiding guild" but that does not mean we should raid casually (i prefer the term hardcore social guild anyhow).

I did not get any of the phat lootz that I was after, not even a moldy old limb. The only item to drop of any interest was the precious, tasty mage tears. /hug

Being a techno-tard, I haven't worked out to take a decent screen shot whilst at my home office, as I have two screens and it is baffling me.Any answers would be very gratefully recieved.

Patchwerk- Did not break 4.5k but did manage 4.38k which is a whole lot of happiness more than last week. We one shotted him, and the Boomdaddy came in 3rd, behind two warlocks as usual. The RNG was not at all kind and and I had to Wrath for what seemed like 30 seconds to get my first eclipse proc. Had fate and Blizzard been kinder, 4.5k would have got smished into tiny pieces, I think.We will break 5k before Ulduar , if it kills us.

Grob of green farts went down first time two, as he should, and we are pleased to have topped the chart on a boss for the first time in far too long.Yay for Boomkin. Gluth was a struggle but we still managed a very respectable second spot on the dps chart when he finally went to the puppy dog pound in the sky.

It was ironic that on a poor nights performance, the Boomdaddy had 3 of our best boss kill results.

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