The highest evolution of druid

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Patchwerk Punting

Patchwerk is old news for many, now. He is on farm status. So why bring his royal ugliness up? Well, the Boomdaddy finally broke 4k dps on him last night. I know I know, lots of Boomkins are claiming 6k and over....we salute them, but we had hit a brick wall at 3.7-3.8k dps on the bugger. Last night though, we thought we had done a great piece of work on the werk and after the match downloaded the WWS report with trembly talons.

Did we make top 3?...nope...7th place with 4011dps on him (lovely but infuriating rogue was 555 total damage done above me in 6th grrrr). The important thing is we have done it, stepped up to a happier , higher level of dps. Before the fight I had a quick half hour of "eye of the tiger" warming up on target dummies, with the best result being 2980 till OOOMitis set in.

On the loot front, Boomdaddy is a very happy thunder chicken today. We woke up with the delight of equipping Dying Curse ! It does mean a whole mass of changing gear and gems, but its a sacrifice we are willing to make. We can kiss goodbye to the trinket of non-proccness now. Die No Proc Whetstone .

After the Naxx clearance , we went on to say hi to Malygos. Meh i hate that flippin' boss, his death still eludes me.5th place dps was better than 7th though. I wonder if my regular top 3 spot days are gone for good.


  1. guaranting a top 3 place is easy. Just posion a minumin of 4 above you or pay a hunter to misdirect onto them, taking them at the beginning of a fight.

  2. wheres a friendly hunter when i need one....oh she above me in the dps charts again!