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Friday, 6 March 2009

Boomkin 1 Technology 0

I have to admit that the Boomdaddy is a tech-challenged. The pictures that have been previously posted have been courtesy of my lovely web mistress. She is a busy lady though and I need to stop bugging her with picture related its time to try and stand on my own two feathery feet. Exhibit A

Go me! Bit small but its my first attempt! I downloaded Gimp and have tried the picture crop, with some practice I may even become vaguely able to use the damn thing. Anyhoo that's a quick snapshot of last nights 3 wing clearance of Naxx 25. Curses on locks, hunters and rogues.

Exhibit B......why my guildies will never get the Heigan achievement.......

Yup, the Boomdaddy was lying down on the job again. Its a sad day when the raid leader says "and the Boomdaddy will be showing you all where the lava burst comes from" as part of his stand up routine. It was one of four deaths I incurred, in a little disappointing personal performance.

Crit watch says 57% on wrath and 82% for starfire. Crit based mana regen 185,000 over the 9 bosses. Eclipse procced 54 times. One stat that is a tad concerning is that the Meteorite Whetstone only procced 2 times over 3 hours on the 9 bosses. To me , that's a whole load of haste that ain't happening. Its a fill in trinket while we wait for the best in slots, yes, but still it needs to get its thumb out of its arse or it will get filed under b for bin.

1 comment:

  1. cute blue death21 March 2009 at 15:15

    the guild leader has insteaged a bonus award of 50 raid poinst for everyone if the boomdaddy manages to stay alive through the saftey dance .....

    no one seriously expects me to ever have to pay this out ..

    mnd it was nice he survived one whole phase of dancing

    shame he then did not know he was surposed to go back to he platform .

    remember little boomkins , the boomdaddy is a flawed god . he can't dance