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Monday, 30 March 2009

A Moment of Sadness

It seems that BRK is closing his blog door for 3 months. He will be truly missed . Great bloggers are few and far between and he is a gem. Hunters are next to mages on the evolutionary chain , just before belly button fluff, but I have aways read/listened to BRK because he is quality. I know that the hunters in my guild read his blog and take his wise words on board. He has taken the tard out of many hunters and as a raider, an officer and a gentleman, I salute his work. Through his writing he has saved many a raid because twig thwuckers and bullet bangers have read his blog and learned to be good hunters. Please click the link to his blog and give him a good send off, hopefully he can come back soon.

Those who are about to die (because huntards will return) salute you BRK. You get the Boomdaddy's love.


  1. As far as I know, he has quit WoW forever, which is quite sad :(

  2. that is truly sad, he was/is a massive force in the game. Any hunter that ever asked for advice was always shown the BRK url.