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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

BoomMummy changes

Hello my little lovely readers! 
Well, can you believe it?  I certainly can't!  No, I can't!  Yes, no, really!  The BoomMummy has changed her spec!  

Before you all keel over in shock, thinking I have turned into a dodgy looking tree or some drunken bear-type, I must hasten to reassure you that I still have my antlers and feathers.  Phew!  It's just a little re-jiggle of the talent trees, that's all!  But an important re-jiggle nevertheless.  

So, what made this happy little mummy change her mind?  She was previously heavy Balance, with only 2 points in Resto.  I was fine trotting along like this, but two things began to press on my mind.  First of all, I was concerned with the changes in mana regeneration due in the next patch - what seemed to be a big nerf at first glance.  Alex Ziebart on Wow Insider wrote a lovely article on this here: 

The second reason for my change was that the Boomdaddy began to whip my arse on raids (and not in the pleasant way I normally like on Sunday afternoons...).  I really began to pay attention to his spec which leaned more to certain Resto talents - a mana-regen type spec.  

So, my new talent spec is this (exactly the same as the Boomdaddy's):

It really is fantastic.  My damage has really improved quite dramatically, and on the last guild raid on Tuesday I whooped the Boomdaddy's arse on quite a few fights!!!  Yay for revenge!!! I've practised hard at my spell rotation, have *almost* stopped trying to be a back-up healer, and feel I'm getting out of the little rut I found myself in recently.  This new build should also help out when the next patch comes out when we may start being more pressed for mana.

Anyway - on a side note, relating to the Boomdaddy's previous post:

The marvelous thing about having at least two moonkin in a guild is that you can have these discussions, go to target dummies together and test things out.  This didn't always seem to be the case, when moonkin were a rarity - in fact I was the only moonkin in our lovely guild, until the lovely Boomdaddy joined us.  The first time I met him, I was healing - yes - *healing* a heroic Slave Pens - while in my balance spec.  He was an inspirational moonkin, in full PVP kit and whacking out good damage even then (it was the only kit we could DPS in at the time, unless we went crazy for cloth on raids - which just upset mages and warlocks).  At this stage in the game, spell DPS druids were hardly known or trusted, and I always stood a better chance of getting into an instance group if I pretended I was a healer.  It *was* easier to heal in the game then as a moonkin - having tried off-healing once or twice since Lich King, I can tell you it is *really* tricky now - mana goes down quicker than a bottle of vodka in my house on a Friday night.  So, I don't do it anymore!  

Thanks for reading - hope you are all still lovely!  Feel free to express your love for me with message of support, flowers, chocolates or - more importantly - vodka.

BoomMummy XXX

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the Dark side, you balance tree whorebag :)

    Looking forward to extracting more mage tears with the Boomkin tag team, if you stop being an important professor and new wave composer, and get back to raiding!

    Your point though, about having someone to talk to , is soo true. Its been excellent to go to Dr Boom and now test dummies and run dps trackers.

    The wonderfull thing about the Boomkin community is that they always seem to have time to stop for a minute and talk. WE talk, we read, we read , we discuss and we get better and better.

    God bless us all, god bless Booooomerica!!