The highest evolution of druid

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Back to Boom

Hmmmmm I have been remiss on posting the last couple of days, due to a lack of any happy content to share and due to car crashes involving knife wielding ,non insured hoodies. But this is about the highest evolution of druids and not my secret agent like on with some news.

25 man Naxx. Don't even go there. Nope, we were shite.Not just bad but shite.Don't know if it was the mix of battle rezzing, off healing, frequent deaths or what...but we were ashamed to be the Boomdaddy. Some how we managed to both suck and blow at the same time....we blucked I guess. Even the tight arsed magetards ate us up and pooped us out like twiglets.

The upside is we finished off 25 man Naxx again last night followed by Sartharion 25 with one drake up. I didn't capture the figures for the final two bosses in Naxx, but on the big cuddly dwagon (plus friend) the BoomMummy came in second placed dps and the Boomdaddy came in 5th. 3380 dps and 3090 dps respectively. A little pride was restored to the Boomkin nest at least. Warlocks seem unbeatable in raids at the moment...but that may change a little now the Boomdaddy has a new toy......drum roll

Good Head Love

Yep, the T7.5 helm voucher dropped and we were high enough placed in the epgp list to nab it, Sorry Boommummy. That little beauty gives me the 4 set bonus (helm, chest, gloves, shoulders) and we are a token or two away from the legs also. Happy days. It's meant we can swap our crit legs for the haste leggings of the winged serpent. Stats stand at 1742 spell damage, 299 hit, 27.66% crit (now effectively 32.66% with the set bonus..weeeeee) and 333 haste.

Roll on the next raid to see if any of that makes any difference!

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