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Saturday, 28 February 2009

The missing stats.......

Ho Hum. Well, we knew it was going to be tough to get a top 5 finish with the quality of some of the other dps. Boomdaddy is a tad dissapointed not to break 3k dps across all the bosses but that cant be helped when we are completely useless at Heigan. When i say completely useless that may be an exageration, we do have one use. Designated dead body. For the good of the raid we lie down quietly in order to show everyone where the lava burst come up from. True story. We do also have to admit to being a little pissed for the second half of the raid, as the wine was tasting rather too good. Bad Boomdaddy.
On the good side, we did like 58% crit on wrath and the whopping 79% on starfire. When we finally get the fourth piece of T7, we can add another lovely 5% crit across the board on top of that. Yummy scrummy. With regards to the new spec we think we need a few more raids to see if its any better. Improved faerie fire, is just a pain in the chocolate starfish at the moment, as it screws my rotation to buggery. We will give it a proper go though and see if we can click our way through it.
Naxx 25 second leg is in an hour and i have put 3 sticky notes on my monitors saying "TURN ON COMBATLOG YOU KNOB-END", we shall see if that was subtle enough to get through the Boomdaddy's thick skull.

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