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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Pre Raid Reshuffle

Naxx 25, looks like a goer for tonight. Yay, as no real raiding in a while has made me grumpier than ever! With a heavy heart I have to share some very serious news, yes I'm respeccing. I'm dropping the super cool Boomdaddy mana -regen build in favour of something with a little more bang for your buck.

Good bye to best mana raid build money can buy 55-16

and say hello to my new fwend 64-7

The proof of the pudding will be in the eating of course, but there are some very heavy hitters on the raid tonight and the Boomdaddy doesn't like to me made to look a douchebag. The main reason is though, that on the last few 25 man raids, I have finished with a very full mana bar and not enough dps. We may even goto 66-5 as there are 3 other droods in the group all with 2pts in IMW.

Master stroke, or Mongolian cluster fuck? 5 hours and we will know.

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