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Friday, 27 February 2009

BoomMummy Gloats

Hmmm, well! Its looks like the Boomdaddy has finally come over to my way of thinking. As I was saying in my last entry, crit = boomlove, and it seems to message has finally got around!

The Boomdaddy’s spec is now very similar to mine, with just a couple of minor differences. I don’t have the 5 points in the Resto ‘Furor’ (instead, I have my 5 points in Balance ‘Genesis’). I also have 3 points in ‘Brambles’ rather than Improved Faerie Fire. I tend to use my dots a lot, and try to keep both up in raids, so Genesis is quite useful for me. I could quite happily swap Brambles for Improved Faerie Fire – but I do love my little trees! Any chance to get them doing a bit of extra damage I’ll take (even if they miss too much on bosses, the naughty little buggers!).

I never went for the resto-mana-regen spec – wanting to try to maximise my mana through crit. Even on the early raids with the guild, this worked out okay (although I did have a couple of pieces of big mp5 kit, which kept for fights where I knew mana would be tough – hey, they dropped, no healers wanted them – who was I to say ‘no’?). Even before I was hit capped, I was whacking out a good bit of damage in the raids with this spec.

Now I’ve got 4 pieces of T7, and along with a few other nice purples, I have enough crit to keep the mana going and I never use the mp5 kit anymore. For some odd reason I’ve managed to get over 300 hit and haste without trying very hard (must have been on the vodka when I did that). So the Boommummy is generally feeling quite pleased with herself! Well, I would be feeling very pleased with myself if I could get my hands on those bloody illusive kit upgrades. Things seem to have dried up for poor little me recently. I still need the T7 helm – 7.5 would be lovely – still need something to replace the blue Kirin Tor dagger… I just don’t seem to get the drops. Ah well – roll on Ulduar! Let’s hope there’s lots of gorgeous things in there I can stuff under my feathers!

p.s. Boommummy will get back to raiding soon – she’s been busy dyeing her feathers and varnishing her beak! Looking this gorgeous doesn’t happen by accident you know... XXX

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