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Friday, 27 February 2009

Fandabydosey, its Friday

Naxx 25, post match report. Well there would have been if I hadn't only just remembered to turn on WWS before the Widow fight and then not got dc'd straight after...sigh. I thought the report was still running and was looking forward to some serious data from 2 wing clearances +2 bosses, but alas all i have is the poxy Widow stats. Im annoyed, as we were very interested to see if the new build was raid-tastic, but also due to the fact that guildies were pumping out some serious pain to all the Naxx inhabitants and it would have been a great report for thr guild forum. A few of the bosses went down in record time and there was a minimum of fuck ups...all in all a very decent show from the finest hardcore social guild on the planet. Below is the overall dps for the one fight.

Fourth place for the Boomdaddy, its not top 3 but its not bad. Bloody rogue was top again,if he wasn't lovely he would be on the shoot in the face list. Sneaky, thats what they are, sneaky. As you can just about see, the elemental shammy came in just behind me. He's high up in the guild, so we let him hit stuff on his own and get ahead on the charts so that he feels special, bless him. 3205 dps is getting there but again it would have been necessary to have had all the boss fight data in order to make an informed decision on the new build.

Now this, the Boomdaddy likes. 55% crit rate on wrath and 79% on starfire. Thems the onions alright and no mistake. No misses, just shows that 275 hit is fine if you have a spacegoat and a priest of shadowness in the party. Moral of story this week, is to get a tad more hit for 10's and stack other loveliness for 25's....job done. On the crit/mana regen scorebaord we estimate 6325 mana cash back in the 2 minutes 32 second fight. That would get the BoomMummy moist for sure.

Edit 1. The lovely hunter in the raid managed to succeed where I failed miserably and captured all but the first fight on WWS. Webmistress is working on the pictures now and should be up in the next hour or 2. As far as our estimate of 6325 mana regen from crit goes, we suck the sweat off a dead man's balls when it comes to maths. Having studied WWS further, the actual figure was a whopping 17,868! That will help take the OOM out of Boom, for sure.

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