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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Sunday Bloody Sunday

We like Sundays. Fresh coffee brewing in the Krupps and plenty of time to kill, messing around in battlegrounds. Since Wrath was rolled out, the Boomdaddy has been very quiet on the pvp front. There are three reasons for that I guess. Firstly, since hitting 80 all my spare WoW time has been spent raiding Naxx, Voa, EoE etc etc. Fill in time has to be spent making the money to pay for the luxury of raiding three or four times per week. With potions, elixirs, repairs and the such like I think we all rarely get change out of 750g per week. Being a crappy leatherworker does not unfortunately line the pockets with oodles of gold but that is a post for another day.

The second reason would be related to this damn achievement system. Again, my personal view of achievements can be left for another day but needless to say I'm not entirely happy about the whole system. Going back to the days of vanilla wow and TBC, pvp and arenas were an integral part of being a Boomkin. There simply wasn't the gear around to make us effective without spending huge dollops of time battering horde in AV. God bless that season 2 battle staff, merciless gladiator's shoulders etc etc. I did my time, got geared up the best I could and killed my share of wrong'ens. Knight Lieutenant is still the title I am most proud to display over my lovely shiny antlers. I WAS THERE MAN, I WAS THERE!!!! Sorry, flashbacks. Anyhow, with the achievements debacle, it appears that I am back to being a newbie in terms of pvp,after months of pvp the ignominy of having a big flashing achievement pop up displaying my first victory in AB was too much to bare. Hence pvp has been put back up the shelf until this last week.

Thirdly, we are feeling a bit crap at pvp. I dont know if it is that other classes have got much better at it with all the changes, or Boomkins have simply got much worse but back in the day being top dps in a bg was a fairy frequent occurrence. Now I feel like a seven stone weakling getting sand kicked in my face by death nuggets and even shaman. Warriors were always our favourite target dummy, so easy to root and nuke...but it appears not any longer.

Enough is enough though, and i cannot resist the urge to plunge nut deep back into some serious pvp, I've spent some time getting new shiny pvp things, resilience is at 670 and I'm going to try and reclaim the Boomkins rightful place back near the top of the pvp tree. I'll let you know how it pans out....28,215 wrong'ens down, which one of you hordies wants to be 28,216?

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