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Friday, 20 February 2009

A new dawn, a new day, a new blog...hopefully

Having blogged in the past (in a purely navel gazing fashion) this is my least favourite post to make. It always feels like some form of justification has to be made as to why I feel I'm eminently qualified to write a blog at all, let alone one concerned with the highest evolution of druids, the Moonkin.Truth be told, I don't feel like the most qualified author of Boomkin musings but considering the apparent lack of Moonkin reading matter out there in the blogosphere, I do not feel that this little venture can hurt.

What I hope this blog will be........

Well, my aim is to share my Boomkin musings on a regular basis.The goal is a simple post each day but having blogged in the past, I know this can sometimes be a pipe dream. I hope that it will be possible to build a small resource here for all balance druids to talk, laugh and qq together, with useful links to balance druid information and the wider World of WoW. I will be asking for input from some fellow collaborators, such as the Boommummy who is a fellow artistic balance druid in my guild, but also from up and coming druids who can give focus to issues not only pertaining to level 80 boomers.Eventually, all being well, podcasts and other such loveliness will be forthcoming.

What to expect........

Humour and grumpiness. Occasional mage -bashing. Shameless links to eminent blogs that we read in order to become famous.

What not to expect......

Elitist Jerk number crunching, I am simply not that bright.

Welcome, from the Boomdaddy and the Boommummy!

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