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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Mage-tards the new Huntards

Huntards are huntards. The poor things can't help themselves. Unless they have been well versed in the teachings of BRK or Liennas , then in which case the boomdaddy can give them a pass. The others that cannot be arsed to learn their trade can be resigned to the tissue I wipe on my boomkin boot.

Mage-tards, now thats another thing. Mages have always had it so damn good,they were always THE ranged raid dps to beat, but now always cry more than a prostate examanee. Huntards are crap because they were used to solo'ing and no one was there to tell them how to play nice in groups.They were not invited, so they did not learn. Mage-tards, on the other hand, just think they could translate wham bam into thankyou mam and screw the rest. Well you can't, you pointy hat wearing freaks.

Picture the scene, lovelies.Malygos 10 man/person/mage pond life....after a few tries. Get the big guy down to 34% after first phase. Boomdaddy's feathery sack is jingling like its christmas."Melee get on the discs " says raid leader, but oh no , on hops leiderhose wearing magetard for an achievement instead of allowing the melee. Wipe again , after the prick gets his achievement.Boomdaddy sighs a throaty, feathery sigh.

Do I blame blizz for making achievements, in order to fill the void in content, or the magetard for putting them before the raid?

Both are on the boomdaddy's shoot in the face list.

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