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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Sartharion 10 man

Okey dokey. So we mooched over to Sartharion Tuesday night, as frustratingly we didn't get the numbers to finish off the last 4 bosses in Naxx 25. My much needed T 7.5 head piece will have to wait another few weeks, I guess. The Boomdaddy isn't the most clued up technocrat on the planet but I have attempted to post the WWS reports from the final fight of last night where the big guy went down quicker than a crack whore. "Final" fight? Yes I said final.We had a few tries at keeping one drake up, which whilst did not furnish the gang with rewards, it certainly gave us a few giggles. Moral of story, don't all jump through the portal.

Ok...the pictures have come out too small, my web mistress is working on it.*Edit-well done mistress*. Anyhooo on the boss-death fight the Boomdaddy did ok, second place to our lovely rogue is never a terrible fate. Sneaky stabby slag. 2625dps feels a little light, but I know I'm lacking 4 pieces of professor plums before the BoomDaddy is back at his fighting weight.

Soooo...what do we see that we don't like? 4% miss on Wrath is livable with but doesn't make me happy. A hit rating of 278 obviously showed tonight for sure. There was also no benefit of a Spacegoat 1% to hit nor a shadow priest 3%. 10 man's are still posing gear questions with regards to caps depending on group composition. Eclipse only procced 7 times in the 3min 17 second fight but did give a 59% crit rate.That the Boomdaddy likes.

37% crit rate on Wrath is interesting me, in terms of crit based mana regen. Mana was always an issue for me in 10 man's, I will be honest. Last night , though, I was in good mana shape all through the fight.I'm no stato but I figure that the following simple maths might not be far off the mark.

Wrath hit 44 times, critting 37% of the time, Boomkin form gives us 2% instant mana regen per single target

0.37*44=16.28 occasions where we get back 2% of 17000 (total mana)

thus (.37*44)*(.02*17000)=5535 total mana regained by wrath crits. In my book that is two pots worth.

I'm not jumping on the BoomMummy's caravan of crit love just yet, but the Boomdaddy will be watching this stat closely.

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