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Monday, 23 February 2009

The Nicest Things

Stormwind, late in the evening doing God knows what. We get a whisper out of the blue which in Stormwind usually means beggars. No but not this time, no sir-ee. It in fact was a brief moment of Moonkin magic.

Grasshopper: hey.

BoomDaddy: err hello......

GH: I'm a druid too.

BD: Good man, good man....but the answer is still no.

GH: No what?

BD: No you cant have any gold.We appreciate you have chosen wisely to become a druid but don't let the side down by begging. That's for lesser classes, like Mages.

GH: Oh. But I don't want money.

BD: That's good then. Nice to have met you then. Cya.

GH: I just wondered if you could help me a minute.

BD: (wracks brains...lvl 17.....sea lion quest) Well I'm a bit busy to do the sea lion quest right now....

GH:I did that. I just wondered how you did that.

BD: Did what?

GH: That.

BD: What??

GH: That thing your doing.

BD: OK mate I'm not sure what I'm"doing"

GH: The BIG thing with horns. It looks cool.

BD: Ooooh Moonkin form. Well, you get to chose what kind of druid you want to be. Healing druids can become trees, feral druids are bear tanks that hit things with their head or sneak around as cats pretending to be rogues. Balance druids go Moonkin. And we call them antlers not horns btw.

GH: What do Moonkin do?

BD: We top the damage charts.

GH: Oh.How?

BD: Through skill and determination we blast the bejesus out of things with mighty Wrath and Starfire onslaughts, carefully ensuring we don't cause wipes like lesser classes. Well, unless we hit the "oh-fuck" button, of course.

GH: Whats that?

BD: Starfall. Its like an AK47 in the hands of a toddler.

GH: Coooool.

GH: When I am big I am gonna be like you.

BD: (teardrops forming) Bless you my boy, bless you..../hug

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  1. "BD: Starfall. Its like an AK47 in the hands of a toddler."

    Had to steal that line - Pure quality