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Monday, 23 February 2009

BoomMummy reporting

Well, goodness me!

It’s so nice to have you all sitting here waiting for me to speak up at last. I love you all, I really do! I felt so privileged to be asked to contribute to this blog, I almost wet myself and made a mess of my feathers. But that's a story for later!
I have a terrible confession to make –me and the Boomdaddy have a terrible disagreement….. I like crit, and I like it a lot. I like crit more than I should do…. I’m beginning to think that the only thing I can think about is crit. CRIT CRIT CRIT!!! And there in lies our difference, as he is all hung up on hit.
You may think Moonkin are all the same, but that is not true. They can be played in many different ways. Me and the Boomdaddy spar on the damage charts, arguing about the best way to play. We both have very different specs but both push the other dps to their poor little limits. Who are we to decide what’s right? We are just two, lonely Moonkin, crying into our‘please-be-a-back-up-healer’ soup.
Night night, all you young Moonkin, I'll be back soon!
Keep your Feathers Bright! XXX

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