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Friday, 13 March 2009

Boom Joke Friday

Ok, so after a few drinkies the other night, myself and the Boommummy talked about a regular blog spot for mage related humour. As no one does any work on Friday's anyway, I guess today would be a good day to try it out. Please comment on who's joke is better, mine or the BoomMummys's! Also feel free to add your own.

After a gruelling day of being holier than thou, a young Paladin was strolling down the sandy beaches of Stranglethorn Vale, taking in the bracing sea air and thinking about all things bright and beautiful. In the distance he spies a small fishing boat, occupied by two legendary Moonkins. As he gets closer he spots a flailing, drowning gnome mage near to the boat and cries out in alarm. Thankfully the two Moonkin had obviously caught the poor mage by a rope and were pulling him on board to safety.

"Blessings of the Holy light be upon you two noble Moonkins" the paladin bellowed in his best clerical voice. "I will extol your virtuous actions in the Cathedral this very eve. Bless you again!"

The paladin continued his stroll with a jaunty stride, full of admiration for the heroes.

The first Moonkin turns to the second...."what a noob" he sighs,

"Yup, never been shark fishing".

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