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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Friday's come early!

This one couldn't wait:  enjoy the early Friday Mage Joke!

BoomMummy XXX

Tucked away inside a mysterious, backstreet building in Dalaran there’s a magical mirror. You stand in front of it and tell it one fact that you think is true. If that thought indeed is true, the magical mirror will grant you one wish… but if your thought is false - PLOFF! – the mirror swallows you up for all eternity.

A Warlock, Moonkin and a Mage walk into that very building - with a mission to get their dearest wishes granted. They head straight for the magic mirror. The Warlock goes first and says, ‘I think I’m the best DPS class there is!’ - PLOFF! - the mirror swallows her up and she’s gone for eternity.

Next, the Moonkin goes up to the mirror and says ‘I think Battle rezzing really nerfs my DPS’  - PLOFF! - now she’s gone too.

Lastly, the Mage goes up to the mirror and says, ‘I think…’ - PLOFF!

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