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Monday, 6 April 2009

Busy Busy

Life has been busy mcbizz. And Wow has been weird, just plain weird. We were raiding Friday night and it was due to be an Eye of Eternity and then finish off the last 5 Naxx 25 bosses. Unfortunately, sorry arsed guildies continue to be in the Ulduar-lull mindset and are couldn't care bears. So Officers chat goes something like this-

GM- 21 signed up...1 not ready. Call it or do Sarth 20 man achievement?

Officers chat- *groan*

GM- Fook off we can do it

OC- Fook off, we can't

GM- WE ARE going to do it.

OC- *Sobs*

GM- In that case we will do it with 1 drake up too.

OC- *Screams of pain from officers.*

GM- Well, we lose 5 people straight away normally, so really it is like we have a full team, just without the deaths.

OC-Twisted logic, but logic just the same.

GM- GM logic at its finest.

Sooo long and short of it, half hour or so later we downed Sarth +1 with 20 peeps. Not bad eh, for a hardcore/social/casual/sort of raiding guild. After that little adventure you would think the Military quarter and last 2 bosses would be a cake walk, to complete a two day clearance, right? Nope, we then wiped all night on the Instructor with 25 peeps.

Funny old life huh?


  1. Sounds like it was fun?

  2. Was good to do Sarth...better now we cleared Naxx and the boomdaddy got the Torch of Holy fire, finally :)