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Friday, 17 April 2009

Friday Mage Joke

Hi again!

Well amongst all the excitement with the new patch, I've managed to find time to track down this little joke for you all:

Sally Fireball, our favourite mage, has the same recurring nightmare, so decides to consult a local shaman.
Shaman: What's your dream about?
Sally:  I was being chased by the Lich King!
Shaman:  Where were you being chased?
Sally: Down a really long hallway.
Shaman: Then what happens?
Sally: Well, this is the weird thing.  In every dream it's the same.  At the end of the hallway is a single door, and when I come to it I can't open it, no matter how hard I push.  I keep pushing and pushing but the door just won't budge.
Shaman:  Interesting....  does the door have any writing on it?
Sally:  Yes it does.
Shaman:  And what does it say?
Sally: It says 'pull'.

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